Axcel Master Program

- For Apprentice

AMP is designed to fast track young talents’ careers by working for overseas companies with a promising future, while continuing to enhance their professional credentials under AMP program. AMP provides structural training on technical knowledge and practical career skills which connect academic and employment. By participating in AMP, the apprentice will be able to gain real life working experience, combining with incubator program designed for their future success.

AMP’s key objective is to earn US$ income while continuing to learn. There is no up front fee to participate in AMP program, instead you will be paid by abroad companies for your remote work during the AMP program. The tuition fee will be deducted from your monthly income. Furthermore, AMP is open to applicants both with or without a university degree. This contrasts dramatically with the escalating high tertiary education cost that led many into student debt.

The AMP is a 18-month program, consisting of both Apprenticeship and Incubator Program run concurrently. While the apprenticeship focuses on real work experience, the Incubator Program is structured with various online courses and assignments to enhance your credentials, technical knowledge, job skills and people skills. This gives you a significant head start in your career path.

Apprentices are expected to gain real practical work experience, similar to full time paid job such as 40 working hours per week while working remotely and flexibly. The Incubator Program is structured as part time and self-paced with apprentices expected to put in 3-5 hours per week.

There is no bond for this program, AMP alumni are able to work for any organizations globally to demonstrate their credentials and capabilities. The AMP alumni are expected to continue to engage in continuous professional development and reviews to further enhance their credentials. They will then join the esteemed community of Chartered AMP Members that opens up immense opportunities globally.

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Axcel Master Program

- For Employer

Ask2Axcel helps employers to take away the most mundane and time consuming human resource function – screening of candidates. All apprentices are thoroughly screened by Ask2Axcel for their aptitude, attitudes and technical competencies to ensure their compatibility and potential to contribute successfully in your company

The cost will be very attractive considering you are tapping on a global pool of talents, especially for aspiring young talents from developing countries who are hungry for success.

AMP will continue to enhance apprentices skills and capabilities during the apprenticeship and monitor their progress to provide constructive feedback. There will be certain mandatory and elective courses & assignments the apprentices need to complete for their continuous improvement.

We understand many unforeseen factors may lead to such a situation, therefore we request a one month notice period for us to mobilise our apprentice for other job opportunities. If a replacement is demanded, this is possible given valid reason at the discretion of Ask2Axcel.

This is AMP’s goal to provide future human capital talents to inspiring companies like yours at the end of AMP program. During the AMP duration, employers are encouraged to give increments and bonuses to retain talents.

Ask2Axcel helps to manage certain human resource functions such as international payroll.

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