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Further Studies or Work for Silicon Valley Startup? Have it both with AMP

With AMP, you are able to land on a promising job to fastrack your career, while furthering your academic life skills, and supported by earnings in this journey. At the end of the journey, you will receive recognised program accreditation and continue your professional journey in the developed countries. 
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Become an Apprentice
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Executive Search
Job Credentials​

Build the job credentials beyond university degrees to stand out among millions of young talents.

Launch Pad

Opportunities to learn and perform at developed countries' employers lead to global platforms.

Practical Experience

Employers want assurance the employee has the right attitude, skills, knowledge and mindset to prosper with the company.

Incubator Program

Through an 18-month Incubator Program, apprentices are upskilled through the ASK2 framework (Attitude, Skills, Knowledge & People)

Earn while Learning

Instead of incurring debt in universities, apprentices earn income while increments by employers are performance based.