About Us

Build Global Community of Top-Tier Human Capital

Who Are We?

Axcel believes we have the right team dynamic to deliver our mission:

We are a group of founders who strongly believe today’s education is way outdated, and need to have a revamp to reconnect the real world with education. We have started with a school for middle school and recently primary school. We started from zero, with homeschool 5 years ago to become a recognised affordable international school.

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Achieve Business Goals

Industry Experience

Our group of founders are well experienced in the corporate and technology world. We have gone through the pains of the employers and hiring managers; hiring fresh graduates, paying them executive salary but need to train all over again and have no idea on these executives’ past performance.

Each of our co-founders have more than 20 years proven experience in our fields with senior responsibilities, we don’t need to hire professional managers or adult supervision for us. We have known each other for more than 25 years and we have partnered since the home school last 5 years.

Corporate Solutions

Axcel Master Program

Our co-founders’ experience from deal origination, IT architecture and solution, project management, human resources and entrepreneurship allow us to structure a comprehensive programme that covers practical experience, technical knowledge, relevant life skills, incubator environment and evaluation of performance. It is a win-win solution for both the employers as well as graduates with a fraction of cost and time.

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Job Credentials

Build the job credentials beyond university degrees to stand out among millions of young talents.

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Launch Pad

Opportunities to learn and perform at developed countries’ employers lead to global platforms.

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Practical Experience

Employers want assurance the employee has the right attitude, skills, knowledge and mindset to prosper with the company.


Incubator Program

Through an 18-month Incubator Program, apprentices are upskilled through the ASK2 framework (Attitude, Skills, Knowledge & People)

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Earn while Learning

Instead of incurring debt in universities, apprentices earn income while increments by employers are performance based.

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Become an Apprentice

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Executive Search