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Axcel Provide The Best Talent To You With Futuristic Human Capital
Axcel Talent Acquisition Solution for Employers

Axcel Helps You To Recruit The Best Talents In The Market To Grow Our Clients’ Business To The Next Level. In General, Axcel Provides Two Types Of Talent Acquisition Solution To Our Esteemed Clients:

  1. High Performance Experienced Professionals

We Develop Highly Differentiated Methods To Identify, Engage, Recruit And Onboard The Best Talents For Our Clients. We Are Able To Tap On A Huge Pool Of Talent Resources Due To Our Global Market Reach. We Adopt A Robust Screening And Profile Matching Process To Reduce Time And Efforts From Our Clients In The Elimination Process To Find The Right Candidates For The Job. We Will Handle The Recruiting And Onboarding Process For Our Clients So That They Can Focus On Their Core Business Without Being Distracted By The HR Administrative Process. You Can Confidently Count On Us As The Sourcing Service Is Free If There Are No Successful Matches.

  1. AMP (Axcel Master Program) For Apprenticeship 

AMP Targeted Clients Who Are Looking For Talents Who Have A Strong Drive To Work Hard In Achieving Their Career Goal Regardless Of Their Location. AMP Is Suitable For Clients Seeking Talents At Their Earlier Career Path, And Willing To Recruit Them As An Apprentice. In Parallel, AMP Provides Value Added Service To Train The Apprentices To Exert Greater Positive Impacts To The Business During Their Tenure. 

Benefits To The Employers

With Ask2Axcel Talent Acquisition Solution, Be It For Highly Caliber Professional Or Apprentice, The Employers Enjoys The Below Benefits By Engaging Us:

  • Right Fit Candidates To Get Things Done

  • Save Time And Efforts In Candidate Screening

  • Candidates Through Evaluation Beyond Mere Resume

  • Managing HR Administrative Matters Including Global Payroll

  • Continuous Periodic Performance Review

Why AMP Apprentice?

  • Sharing the culture of company

  • Working full time like permanent staff

  • High productivity to get good evaluation

  • Wide range of expertise

  • Cost Effective

three people sitting at a table with a laptop | ask2axcelsurfboard

Why AMP Graduates?

  • Practical experience with technical knowledge

  • Review past performance

  • Display problem solving skills and teamwork

  • Will continue good performance to qualify for chartered members